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— Says Marshmallow In Almost Every Episode of Them.

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Annoying Orange: Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap

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Loving Everything

Marshmallow is a main character of the Web Series, "Annoying Orange". As a small, childlike anthropomorphic white marshmallow, by fans he is the most adorable character of the show and was possibly inspired by Dane Boedigheimer's "Marshmallow Murder" video. Marshmallow's best friend is Little Apple.<hero description="An Orange." imagename="" cropposition="" />



Marshmallow in his true form; a knife


Marshmallow as Marshmallow 2 in The Lords of Fruitbush

Marshmallow is a former resident of Marshmalia. He is the child of the king of his home planet and a unicorn. He came to Earth to pursue his dream of being an actor on a web-based comedy series. However, shortly after his arrival, he was kidnapped by Jigsaw for an unknown reason. He made his first appearance in Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap because of this. Jigsaw offered Orange new occupation as his apprentice, meaning that he wanted Orange to annoy Marshmallow to death (literally). However, Jigsaw's plan failed horribly, as Orange took a great liking to Marshmallow, and they became great friends. Orange ended up rescuing Marshmallow from Jigsaw's death trap in Dane Boedigheimer's basement. Marshmallow later appeared in Happy Birthday! moving into the kitchen after being rescued by Orange. He befriended Midget Apple while he was stuck in Orange's birthday cupcake. After Midget Apple escaped from the cupcake, he became Marshmallow's best friends and has been ever since. Although Marshmallow seemed completely harmless at the time, it was revealed in Best Fiends Forever that he has a dark and dangerous side to him. Grapefruit had moved into the kitchen on that day, and after a few minutes, he started to tease Marshmallow. His attempt to make Marshmallow succeeded... perhaps too well. Grapefruit's victory turned to defeat after he burned a photo of Princess Butterfly Kiss, Marshmallow's favorite pet unicorn. Marshmallow got so angry that he wrecked half the kitchen, knocking Grapefruit out of the roof, killing Celery and almost killing Orange. However, after the incident, he acted as if nothing had happened. Marshmallow has done this in many other episodes (some examples being Annoying Orange vs. Angry Birds: MARSHMALLOW, Buddy Cops and Lords of Fruitbush). Since then, Marshmallow has become one of the main characters in the series (replacing Passion Fruit's place as tritagonist along with Midget Apple). As of the 28th day of May in 2012, he revisited his home planet due to an accidental crash-landing caused by the Broccoli Overlord. He has been reunited with his father and many other marshmallows on Marshmalia. Marshmallow explained how rock candy used to be the main ingredient in s'mores until it was replaced by marshmallows. An evil being known as the Big Rock Candy Monster was jealous of the marshmallows because of this, and planned to destroy Marshmalia as his revenge. However, Marshmallow and the gang were able to defeat the Big Rock Candy Monster be heating caramel that he was stuck in. After that, their ship was repaired by Nerville, giving them access back home. Marshmallow currently lives in the kitchen with the rest of the gang, and periodically visits the fruit cart at Daneboe's Grocery Market. As of the 4th day of June in 2014, Marshmallow aired the first episode of his talk show, The Marshmallow Show. He works on the show with Shroomy as his co-host, and Joe as his cameraman. Marshmallow's true form was revealed on the 1st day of August in 2014. Marshmallow was revealed to have been a knife disguised as a marshmallow. He was voted most likely to say "Yay!" in Cruel Middle School.


Usually, Marshmallow is not angry or frustrated. However, in the episode Best Fiends Forever he got very angry because Grapefruit burns a picture of Marshmallow's favorite unicorn, Princess Butterfly Kiss. He then proceeds (offscreen) to attack Grapefruit which caused the house to explode. This side of his personality would become more common in later episodes. He often laughs and has the same sense of humor of Orange. He has a funny laugh that goes, "Hehehehehe!" and "Yay!". Orange and he seem to be close friends. Orange doesn't annoy Marshmallow at all. Marshmallow also has a high-pitched, squeaky voice and has the personality of a child (and it is possible that he still is).

Marshmallow is a cheery, bubbly little soul; he is always happy but will instantly switch to the emotion that suits the current problem, it is shown that when he sneezes, magic, sparkling glitters spray out of his non-existent nose. He enjoys "rainbows, puppies and kittens and flowers and Rainbows and clouds and bunnies and rainbows" (as he said in the Annoying Orange meets Charlie The Unicorn Spoof). He is never sad, angry or unhappy unless the situation justifies it. He also has a profession in writing song lyrics, despite the overuse of rainbows in them.

Near-Death Experiences Edit

Marshmallow has survived five near-death experiences which would have otherwise killed him. They are in order of occurrence:

  • He has been unsuccessfully knifed multiple times by Jigsaw's Death Trap, because he only thought it tickled.
  • He has been roasted once, but he said it made him feel "gooey".
  • He has almost been roasted again by the cupcake frosting that was on fire, but luckily survived.
  • He got put in hot chocolate in Wishful Thinking, but it only treated him like a hot tub. He later joined everyone a group photo having dried off.
  • The top of his head was burnt by Nerville's laser-eyes in Fruitastic VoyOrange. This was because of a small laser cannon implanted in his brain by the Broccoli Overlord.



Marshmallow in his debut

  • He is the third character to be as annoying as Orange (the others are Orange and Fred Figglehorn).
  • He has a high, squeaky chipmunk voice, even though he is portrayed by Dane Boedigheimer. His voice obviously must have been digitally modified.
  • His laugh is similar to the orange who appeared in More Annoying Orange.
  • In Annoying Orange meets Charlie the Unicorn, it is shown that Marshmallow can jump, even though he does not have any legs.
  • Marshmallow has a Facebook Account.
  • His mobile phone's background is a unicorn.
  • In comments for Ask Orange, Marshmallow's gender is questioned extremely often, and the episodes of Ask Orange always hide Marshmallow's true gender, no matter how many comments regarding this are submitted. His gender was intended to be revealed for the 5,000,00 Subscriber Special, but it was a prank, given it was released on April Fool's Day of 2016. However, Marshmallow has been confirmed male in four videos: Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap, Theme Song Attack, Best Fiends Forever, and Orange Nya Nya Style. Very few viewers seem to notice this.
  • Marshmallow's middle name is Jordan.
  • In Best Fiends Forever, it is seen that Marshmallow can be destructive when pushed to the limit, and apparently has enough power to make the whole the kitchen explode and propel Grapefruit out of the house.
  • His favorite song is Space Unicorn by Parry Grip.
  • Marshmallow was revealed to be a knife, which is completely contradictory to what Papaya had assured Apple 1 in First Person Fruiter.

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